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Updated  27th  Aug  2017


It was a wonderful sunny day, in fact we were grateful for an early start as we knew it was going to be really hot in the afternoon.  By 10.00 myself, Julie & Chas (with a lot of assistance from Karen & Paul) had everything setup and ready to go.  Over the following 3 hours our walkers arrived, completed their task and were gone.  The aim was to complete 20 laps of the 400 mtr track - a total of 8 km's and to be fair most of the walkers completed all 20 - a magnificent achievement.  First to finish all 20 laps was the wonderful Allison Brice - she "power-walked" all 8 km's in one go and her sponsorship form shows a promise of 300.  Two of our participants ran the who thing in one go, the fastest was Harrow Borough's Mark Walmsley who complete the task in 46 minutes - an average lap time of 2 m 18 secs - that is almost up to Mo Farah standard - not far behind was Triona (a friend of Tony Brice, club member Debbie's brother).  I have to say, I was very very impressed especially in that heat.
  Everyone who took part received a certificate recognising their achievement.  It is of course far too early to know what the final income will be, but what I can tell you is that, even before the day started, we had received over 1,000 in money sent in by post. Another 400 was brought in on the day.  I am now very confident that we will beat the total raised at our last walk in 2015 which was 4,789  Thanks again to everyone who took part.


Above - The top performers- L to R  Allison, Mark & Triona
Below - the supporting spectators! and the Potter family, in the background is Francoise, Kay  & Natalie Killestein and club helper Jackie.


Above left - Emma with her Mum . Emma was the top money raiser with over 1,000 in sponsorship - a fantastic achievement, well done Emma.  Right Assistant helper Debbie who raises 120

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